Trailer #‎thepyramidcafe TV, for opening “Ghost Castle”

Italian Square & Tanalois Art

GHOST CASTLE” by Fuschia Nightfire

Opening, April 16th at 1.30 PM PDT in #SecondLife



Trailer: **Dj Verrazzano** from 13/01/14 to19/01/14


**Dj Verrazzano** – events from 13/01/2014 to 19/01/2014

Music Trailer “My Supersun” by ZigiZigi (
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Christower Dae @ tKF 15/05/2013

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation

have the pleasure to invite you to

the Opening of the Photo Exhibition

The cold shoulder

by Christower Dae

Opening: Wednesday, May 15th 1:30 PM SLT – 22:30 IT
3D Art Gallery:

End Show: May 29th

What’s nice tonight in SL from 13/05 to 19/05

**Pyramid Café TV** Promotes your event for FREE.
“2Lei in Second Life”Against Violence on the Women supporting by Pyramid Café TV

Events in the virtual worlds week from May 13th to 19th)