Trailer: Fiona Saiman & Momo Bouvier @ tKF 19.03.2014

Tanalois Art and torno Kohime Foundation
Photo exhibition by
Fiona Saiman
for first time in Second Life
Momo Bouvier

Wednesday March 19th, 22.30 IT – 2.30 PM SLT

Square Gallery:


Trailer “We women, we mothers” Sunday, May 12th

L’Arme d’Amour, for 2Lei in Second Life
has the pleasure to present
We women, we mothers
Sunday, May 12th, 2013 at 22.00 italian time
Solaris Island


Motherhood is live a love that embraces you from the conception and not let you go, more. As all great loves it is not only happiness, dedication and pride, but it is also doubts fears sacrifices.
Because a mother is first of all a woman and this must not forget anyone, she must be the first.
We will listen three monologues (italian language) about different times of the mother-child relationship experienced by free and emancipated women, who place questions, look for answers, between enthusiasm, happiness and fears, always marked by the beating of the heart.

Starring: Lora Lowenstark, Fiona Saiman, Viola Tatham
Set Designer: Fiona Saiman
Graphic Designer Morghana Savira
Music Manager: Andromeda Slade
Director: Viola Tatham