*Free event promotion*

Do you own an art gallery, organize an nonprofit event , a fashion show, present books, read poetry? Whatever you do, if you want to make it known through a video.

Pyramid Cafè TV is the Italian Web TV of the Metaverse.

PCTV broadcasts live events from Second Life and Open Sim and 24/24 on Livestream recorded events and other multimedia contents.


From May 2012 the Pyramid Cafè TV Group offers a free service for the promotion of events. Each week, on the official video channel, transmits “What’s nice tonight in Second Life?” and video trailers dedicated to single events.

Samples of free promotion events in Second Life:



Email: the.pyramid.cafe@gmail.com

PCTV Staff in Second Life and Facebook:

Fiona Saiman (only italian language) –> also in Facebook

Sergej Zarf (it/en languages) –> also in Facebook

Trisha Abbot (it/en languages) –> in Facebook Trisha Abbott

Morghana Savira (it/en languages) –> also in Facebook

Tani Thor (only italian language) –> also in Facebook

Willhelm Ewing (it/en languages) –> also in Facebook

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