*Pyramid Café*


Pyramid Café is born in Second Life by the “Spirit of Vulcan.” Encourages socialization, collaboration and transmission of knowledge. From the historical site of Vulcan has spread in various places in SL and in Open Sim. The group Pyramid Café wants to be spontaneous association of persons, identifying non-profit, managed independently and on a voluntary basis by its members.

Pyramid Café creates a rallying point for creativity, experimentation, collaboration and sharing in Second Life, a space without boundaries, open and willing to meet people who want to deal without prejudice, express their views and their vision of the world, in full compliance with the diversity and civil rights. All activities of the group are free and on a voluntary basis.

Since 2010, it has developed another area of experimentation that supports the ability to spread on the web what’s happening in Second Life and other virtual worlds through the use of free video streaming platforms, giving rise to “Pyramid Café TV” present on justin.tv, livestream.com and YouTube with its own channels. In these two years had shown any interest in broadcast content (related to activities expressed in virtual worlds) had access to TV channels Pyramid Café. All the while respecting the rules of Second Life (ToS) and the laws of privacy and copyright.

From 2012 Pyramid Café began the work of promoting free events that are organized in Second Life and Craft (OpenSim) from their Italian communities, through the creation and dissemination of promotional videos on the web for a period of 3-4 minutes of each event (upon request of the organizer) and using a promo weekly summary contains all events where the preparation is made. For each event in the promo is part of the title, the description, one or more pictures or posters and the address where you will play. Here is accompanied by the production of machinima made ​​in Second Life and Craft (OpenSim).


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