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Italian Square & Tanalois Art

GHOST CASTLE” by Fuschia Nightfire

Opening, April 16th at 1.30 PM PDT in #SecondLife



“Sloth” by DamiaxArt@Pyramid Café Art #thepyramidcafe


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Pyramid Café Art presents the fifth meeting dedicated to Deadly Sins “Sloth” With the Art exhibition by DamiaxArt Sunday April, 13th at 1.30 pm slt – Solaris Island


Live streaming by Pyramid Café TV

*DamiaxArt Biography*

I live second Life by testing art with fun, as a means to communicate joy and positivity, without making plans.

My Gallery is called “Art Inside,” I played with various artists, transforming the painting as a magic box where it reproduces the painting itself, where the audience is the protagonist and spectator at the same time.

Over this time I dedicated many time to the works of René Magritte. 

My ultimate goal is to engage and entertain the audience and evoke the context of artistic wonder, or just for a smile. 

In my works I add details arising from my imagination how sound and movement to create such a thought.

Also my works are accessible to everyone: it is not always necessary to know the art to get closer to it.



“In Fantasy” by Muirín@Pyramid Café Art #secondlife

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Pyramid Café Art has the pleasure to invite you to the first photo exhibition “In fantasy” by “Muirín”. Special godmother: Paola Mills

Sunday April, 6th at 1,30 pm slt Glasshouse Gallery (Solaris Island) SLURL

Live Streaming by Pyramid Café TV

FM Sensation Millennium

*** Biography of Muirín ***

In RL, with my cultural association, I organize Celtic and medieval re-enactments, and I took part in fantasy days for school children, putting myself in imaginary creatures’ shoes.
These my passions, as well as for nature, and my strong curiosity made me join into what I thought is, wrongly, an online role-playing game.
I was born in 2008, choosing a name very dear to me. I accepted a teleport and I found “myself” in an Italian sim where I started to “work” as a dancer before and later manager.
I didn’t yet know that in SL you can take photos, until a friend sent me a snapshot.
“Curious like a little cat” I immediately read up on it (sl wiki ecc) and I initially photographed events that I followed, but I was not too satisfied.
Wandering around the metaverse, I visited some lands, mostly Fantasy: all those colours, those fantastic creatures, have reignited my creativity and I liked to freeze them.
Since then I try in every place something imaginative, colorful and not… in my photos I try to “fix” the vision of my moods: but not necessarily, a picture full of colors means my “well-being”…
I love challenges, especially with myself and “with my graphics card” and for this reason I try not use photo-retouching programs external to Second Life.

Thank to Fiona Saiman, for the great trust and for always being there, near me.
Thank to my godmother, Paola Mills, for her support, especially moral, in this my challenge.