Live Tonight: Virtual World Wrestling Federation – Friday Riot!

Fans of Wrestling, sports in virtual worlds or just curious:
Virtual World Wrestling FederationFriday Riot!
May 17th,  2:00 PM (SLT)
Only on the Apathy Sim and on Pyramid Café TV

Last Friday on Riot after a shocking conclusion to the main event both Michael Karsin and World Heavyweight Champion, Kayden Hydraconis, were taken out by Mister Doom.
The World Championship Match has been made for Mayhem but this Friday Kayden Hydraconis will face the monster Mister Doom! Everyone that has faced Mister Doom one on one has been annihilated, will Kayden suffer the same fate as those before him or will the World Heavyweight Champion rise to the occasion and be the first person to take down this monster?!

And don’t miss the women’s action as the Women’s World Champion, Erika Kuroki, faces the ghetto superstar Nikki Q! Nikki is out to prove that she has what it takes to one day be the Women’s World Champion. Will she be able to prove she has what it takes by defeating Erika this Friday or will Erika make Nikki realize it is easier said than done?

And you won’t want to miss the action as The Intercontinental Champion Alexius Gant takes on the number one contender for the Championship, James Knives! Yes ladies and gentlemen the most unlikely contender for the championship James Knives will be getting his title shot at Mayhem but this Friday Riot James is looking to show everyone that he’s not to be taken so lightly and that he is a serious contender!

All this and more this Friday on Riot!


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