Asperix Asp @ Pyramid Café and Tanalois Art – May, 5th

Pyramid Café and Tanalois Art have the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the Art Exhibition by Asperix Asp.
Opening: Sunday May 5th 1:30 PM SLT – 22.30 IT
Arcade Gallery:

*Asperix Asp Biography*
He is an artist with long experience in the world of the computers and with this great technical resource he is able to carry out the ideas that he wants to express. He has used, and in some cases modified, a dozen software programs to create, manage and alter each one of the images. After creating a 3-D structure he covers it with a texture with water. This element, properly illuminated, is located in the center of a virtual box with mirrored walls. The reflections multiply, prolonging itself without end. It is an infinite sequence within a finite space.
Gerardo Garcia (Pértiga)
An exceptional artist able to dominate the technical side of art so that his overflowing imagination settles and it is naturally spilled upon the canvas. His work, after an impeccable and long period history exhibiting in alternative spaces and on the Internet, is a unique gift for the art community.
Manuel Perez-Lizano (President of Aragonese Association of Critics of Art)


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