Friday night live: Virtual World Wrestling Federation – Friday Riot!

Wrestling Second Life

Virtual World Wrestling Federation – Friday Riot!
Doors open @ 
2:00 PM (SLT) At the Fusion Arena on the Apathy Sim

This Friday on Riot the VWWF World Heavyweight Champion Kayden Hydraconis waits to hear just what the stipulation will be for his match against Michael Karsin.
VWWF President Vicious Sion will make the announcement on Riot!

Also the new Intercontinental Champion Braden Karsin will be in action tonight! After the attack he suffered at the end of Riot last week at the hands of Doom everyone is wondering if Braden is in any shape to compete. We will all find out this Friday on Riot!

The Women’s World Champion Erika Kuroki will be facing off against the returning Ami Tanaka! These two women have quite a bit of history as they both fought to get the Women’s World Championship that Erika eventually won and still is the champion of. What will happen when Ami Tanaka gets her hands on Erika Kuroki this Friday?

Also this Friday things get hammy for Felacus as he takes on the beast from Kermit Texas, Brock Mason! Brock mason is one of the strongest men on the VWWF roster, will he destroy his opponent as he claims or will Felacus tame the beast and come out the victor?!

Find out what happens in these matches and more this Friday on RIOT!


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